Get rid of your private cloud, you don’t need it!

Well maybe that is a bit harsh, but as I stated in my last post, I am convinced that in the future, everyone will be using public cloud for the most part anyway.

I just got the latest Cloud Report and much to my pleasure, the top story was about the NASDAQ planning on using Amazon Web Services for storage of critical data. The article states (emphasis added):

Nasdaq said it’s launching a cloud-based system hosted by Amazon Web Services aimed at letting broker-dealers store critical records in order to meet compliance requirements

This step by NASDAQ is inline with what I see as the true state of cloud security: Done right, it is just as good or better than your current datacenter.  I applaud the NASDAQ efforts and am in hopes that more follow suit. It is when folks break ground and make a path for others to follow, that the adoption rates will increase. I have attempted that with PCI in public cloud, and NASDAQ is forging with truly critical financial data.

Here is to you NASDAQ!!!!!!

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